Professional Residential Inspections Reports Types




The Residential Inspections of ACT:


The Building Inspection Vendor Package of ACT

This is the Pre-Sale Inspection of the four inspections below. It includes the Building Inspection, the Termite and Timber Pest Inspection, as well as the Compliance Report with its accompanying Conveyancing File From ACTPLA. The package also includes the Energy Efficiency Rating, known as the EER report.


Pre-Sale Inspection

The Pre-Sale Building Inspection covers all of the structural aspects of the inspection, as well as checking off appliances, plumbing, light switches, and fixtures etc. Our reports include a checklist, including obvious maintenance issues. Of course, we are not electricians or plumbers and we only inspect visually, giving basic testing only. It is recommended to our clients to also recheck appliances and fixtures, themselves, at the final handover meeting. This is a precautionary step.


Structural Inspection

The Structural Inspection is performed only per AS4349.1 – 2007 Appendix A. Here accessible structural items in the home of inspection is inspected visually for any significant defects. This includes the roof cavity, so long as there legally is propper access, and all walls. A more invasive inspection, including damp testing, can be suggested later as a recommendation based on twhat is found visually.


Termite Inspection Report

A Pre-Purchase Termite/Timber Pest Inspection (AS3000.2.2000) is a very specialised inspection, and only carried out by a licensed timber pest technician. This is a visual only review of the entire home, to locate the presence of any structurally harmful pests or fungi. This inspection is visual only. It may be assisted by instruments. It will not include cutting manholes or floor traps, or even lifting roof tiles. If there is insufficient access, this is be noted on the report.



In building your new home, you may wish an inspection for various stages of building.  

When you pay your builder, you expect the next building stage is ready to proceed to. Your builder needs to have his work certified by certifiers. Mostly this inspection is ordered where the last construction inspections are not part any work by certifiers.  There is even today thermal imaging.


Plate Height Inspection

The Plate Height Inspection is ordered once the walls and wall frames are built. It is designed to expose serious errors, thus allowing the builder to fix them at an early stage.  Problems because of cracked walls, twisted lintels, bent door frames, crooked window frames, bathroom walls that are not square, and others, are easier to remedy early.


Practical Completion Inspection Report

The Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) Report will is a list of work that necessitates fixing or completion under the terms of your contract. Some Builders sometimes only repair the items that you personally show them, and so an inspector is often advisable.


Pre-Handover Inspection

This is a return inspection once the items on the PCI above have been remedied by the builder.


Special Purpose Inspection/Dispute Resolution

This specialised inspection is when disagreements occur between the builder and client. It is a lot of money so this can happen. An independent opinion is sometimes required to resolve a situation. This report can be used at a Dispute Tribunal.


The Compliance Report

A Compliance Report is whereby the inspector compares the existing premises to what is approved to be there by ACTPLA. He makes his report from this.


The Conveyancing Package

The ACTPLA conveyancing package is sent out to the inspector, once the fees are paid, and ACTPLA are supplied with an authority form from the client. This package is put into your contract.


Energy Efficiency Rating

This is a specialised licenced inspection. Your home is put through a preprogrammed algorithm known as First Rate 4. A star value and point value are worked out for your home so that its energy rating can be compared to other homes. The plans of the home are used to get measurements, and a visual inspection is needed as well. A copy of this EER report is supplied to the ACT government.