Answers to Your Questions



How much does it cost?

The Pricelist contains our prices. If you’re unsure, contact us.

How Quick Can We Get a Building Inspection?

Your inspection can usually be done in a few days. For our vendor packages, we like 3-5 days notice. If you require us immediately, call us.

How long does it take to get the report?

We prefer that same day, or latest the next day. We then email it to you. It is far easier for us this way.

How do we pay?

We prefer internet bank transfer.  On being sent your report you will be sent an invoice with the bank details. Cash payment on site is accepted, however, there is no discount. The tax receipt will be sent by email.

Do I have to pay before hand?

No. We will invoice you when we send you the report.

Who is sent the report?

The report is sent by email to you, or who you nominate. Most reports are required to go to the government as per legislation. They put it in the public registry.

How long does an inspection take?

Generally, we allow for up 90 minutes on site, give and take.

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