Buying a Property is Likely Your Biggest Purchase

If you are reading this, it is probable you are a buyer or seller of the property. And you want to get it right. Like most things these days, things are specialized and you need a specialist, a building specialist. You do want to get this right, for sure. If your background is construction then there is not much need to go further. But if you do not really know buildings, then you should consider getting someone who does.

So give us a call or someone like us a call. We can help you. We supply all needed standard residential reports in ACT.

Timber Pest Inspections

Of course, we do Timber Pest Inspections, when they are part of the overall ACT Inspection Package.

Energy Rating

We do your Energy Efficiency Rating reports if they are also part of the same package.

Conveyancing Package

Naturally, we will get your conveyancing package from ACTPLA when also undertaking the Compliance Report, as part of the same package.

Building Inspectors

The Building Inspector’s ethics is something you are going to have to work out. Do that by speaking with the inspector.

Buyers and Sellers

All Building Inspectors have a responsibility, to both sellers and buyers to see that both have a fair residential inspection report. While the residential inspector may be engaged for the seller, he must also see that his professional report is not giving some unfair advantage away from the buyer. While this may sound unusual today, we have found that most clients are equally ethical and like this approach. We all know that what comes around will come around again.

For the majority of the clients we meet, it is not all about the money. It is about doing what is right for all concerned. If you fit that description, please contact us. In Western Australia.